The Power of GBAC STAR

Health, Wellness, Resilience

With GBAC STAR you are not only demonstrating your commitment to protecting your employee and customer’s health and well-being in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way, but also shaping a healthier and safer world for everyone, everywhere.  

How Does GBAC STAR Help?

Aligns your infection prevention, cleaning & disinfection programs with science.

Ensures the ability to convene with confidence everywhere in your facility.

Encourages health & building wellness while building trust & resilience.

Recognition of Your Environmental, Social, and Governance Efforts

GBAC STAR can also help businesses focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities.

GBAC STAR facilities and organizations use their accreditation to support and show their commitment to health and wellness, and a more sustainable, resilient world. In addition, GBAC STAR Accreditation supports an organization’s commitment to UN Sustainability Goals assisting in helping meet their environmental, social responsibility, and governance (ESG) objectives.

Facilities Accreditation

GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation

Apply for the cleaning industry’s only health and wellness accreditation for facilities.

Successful GBAC STAR facilities and organizations demonstrate their commitment to cultivating healthy environments with science-based practices.

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GBAC STAR Service Accreditation

Position your facility services business as a strategic partner in achieving social responsibility through science-based cleaning and wellness.

GBAC STAR Service Accreditation validates that a cleaning company’s practices help its customers meet environmental, health, and social responsibility goals.

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GBAC STAR Destination Designation

Demonstrate your community’s commitment to health, wellness, and resilience.

The GBAC STAR Destination program empowers communities to foster a comprehensive strategy of health, wellness, and resilience for visitors, employees, and community members through GBAC STAR Facility or Service accreditation.

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GBAC STAR Registered

Demonstrate to customers that your programs, products, or technologies enhance facility health with the GBAC STAR Registered Seal.

Successful GBAC STAR™ Registrations provide assurance to customers that the registered program, product, or technology has been assessed by the GBAC Advisory Council Scientific Board for scientific validity, usability, practicality, safety, and efficacy.

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GBAC Registered
online learning

GBAC Academy

Training to enhance facility health and wellness.

The GBAC Academy is an online learning platform available to professionals of all levels. Our expert-led training resources will help you implement programs that promote facility health and wellness. Education and training provide continuous improvement opportunities to build health, wellness, and resilience against future challenges.

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GBAC STAR by the numbers.

Current number of hotels and hospitality venues accredited.
Mass-gathering and large audience venues accredited.
Transportation-related venues accredited.
GBAC STAR destination cities in the United States and Canada.

See the full list of accredited facilities in the GBAC STAR Directory