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Our Purpose

The Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) helps organizations and businesses prepare for, respond to, and recover from biological threats, and biohazard situations and real-time crises. We offer education, training, certification, response management, and crisis consulting for situations where environments require a much higher level of cleaning, disinfection, and restoration.
GBAC is a division of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. Explore becoming a member of ISSA to access discounts to GBAC programs and services.

Biohazard Situations Include

Pandemic and infectious disease outbreaks

Unattended deaths

Crime and trauma scenes


Hoarding conditions and unsanitary dwellings

Mass casualty situations

Our Experts Work With


Law Enforcement Agencies

Emergency Responders

Schools and Academic Institutions

Hospitals and Urgent Care Facilities

Health and Fitness Clubs

Medical Examiners

Corporate Offices

Building Service Contractors

Residential Cleaners

Front-line Journalists

Veterinary Clinics

Airports, Train Stations, and
Other Transportation Terminals

Public Venue (Convention Center, Stadium,
Theater, Recreation, Church)

Our People

GBAC is an experienced network of experts and certified partners who are prepared to respond to any event involving a biological crisis. The council is composed of international leaders in the fields of microbial-pathogenic threat analysis and biohazard mitigation.
Patricia Olinger GBAC Executive Director Global Biorisk Advisory Council

GBAC is led by Executive Director Patricia (Patty) Olinger, JM, RBP, Certified Forensic Operator®, Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialist®

Prior to joining GBAC, Olinger was an Assistant Vice President in the Office of Research Administration and the Executive Director of the Environmental, Health and Safety Office (EHSO) at Emory University. During Olinger’s 13-year tenure, EHSO had university-wide responsibility for all aspects of Environmental, Health and Safety support, including EHS compliance support to Emory Healthcare. This included biosafety support to the Emory Serious Communicable Diseases Unit (SCDU), which cared for four Ebola patients in 2014.

Our Process

A crisis has occurred. What’s next? We understand that biohazard events involve actual loss and threat of great harm to innocent communities. Our team will work with your team to prioritize a high quality of work and a compassionate recovery approach to ensure a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting process.


We will assess your facility’s preparedness and provide your staff with education and training for biorisk prevention and containment.


Our leaders will help you understand how to assess, contain, monitor and eradicate disease to protect patients, medical providers, and communities at large.


Our team members will develop and implement a recovery plan to get your organization back online, with special attention paid to preventing future crises.

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