The GBAC Ambassadors are comprised of the GBAC Scientific Advisory Board, as well as GBAC Vertical Leaders and Influencers. GBAC Ambassadors collectively have decades of experience and have worked in academia, health care, government, standard-setting bodies, and the facilities and organizations GBAC supports worldwide. GBAC Ambassadors have a passion for Global Public Health Preparedness, and believe in a true One Health philosophy supporting health, wellness, and resilience.


Roula Abdel-Massih, Ph.D.

Greg Clark

Greg Clark, Ph.D.

Tom Cirrito, Ph.D.

Murray L. Cohen, Ph.D.

John Cordier

John Cordier, Ph.D.

Michael Diamond

Michael Diamond

Rachel Dombrowsky

David DuBois

David DuBois (IAEE)

Matthew Early

Matthew Early

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis, Ph.D.

Mark Hernandez

Mark Hernandez, Ph.D.

Bruce Hirsch

Bruce Hirsch, M.D.

John LaRochelle

John LaRochelle

Frank Lavey

Frank Lavey (Hyatt Hotels)

Keri Lestage

Keri Lestage, Ph.D.

Edward P. Locke, Ph.D.

John Lowe, Ph.D.

John McKeon, M.D.

Paul J Meechan, Ph.D.

Stan Meiburg

Stan Meiburg, Ph.D.

Stephen Pique,

Stephen Pique, Ph.D.

Chris Reichart

Chris Reichart

Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D.

Rodney Rohde

Rodney Rohde, Ph.D.

Syed Sattar

Syed Sattar, Ph.D.

Rick Simon

Richard Simon

Stefan Wagener

Stefan Wagener, Ph.D.

Clay Wardlaw

Clay Wardlaw

James Welch

James M “Jim” Welch


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