Beto Carrero World Ensures Guests Have a Safe and Fun Experience with GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation


Beto Carrero World is known today as the largest and most complete world of fun in Latin America. Opening on December 28, 1991, the concept for this beloved park was conceived by artist and entrepreneur, João Batista Sérgio Murad. The park is installed at 14 million square meters in one of the most beautiful regions of the Brazilian coast, gathering in one place moments of immense joy and fun for all ages.

There is no place with such a wide variety of attractions like a complete zoo, radical toys and for the whole family, amazing live performances plus train rides and tons of nature. There are more than 100 incredible attractions in addition to a complete structure of services, such as restaurants, snack bars, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, a 24-hour bank, changing room, lost and found, parking, lockers, pharmacy, outpatient clinic and numerous souvenir shops. All this to offer visitors the best memories of their lives, with great comfort and convenience.

When the pandemic hit, venues that included large gatherings of people suddenly came to a halt, leaving many facility owners worried about the survival of their businesses. “We had to completely close for three months straight,” said biologist, Kátia Kassaro, and chemical engineer, Clever Pirola Avila, “We then had reduced capacity for one year. Our top concerns were that our turnover rate was close to zero and we couldn’tkeep employees consistently.”


After becoming familiar with GBAC STAR, Beto Carrero World decided to commit to the process and implement GBAC’s COVID-19 safety protocols. The protocols were broken up into three sectors transportation, people, and animals. “We faced many challenges trying to create a memorable and fun experience for guests while still prioritizing their safety and following COVID-19 guidelines,” said Kátia and Clever, “GBAC was able to support us through these challenges which in return, guests recognized and greatly appreciated.”

As more COVID-19 variants emerged, Beto Carrero World was able to stay up to date on the most recent guidelines and protocols to maximize guests’ safety. “GBAC helped us set up short-term safety technologies and work through legal procedures to ensure that guests could feel comfortable and safe during their visit to Beto Carrero World,” said Kátia and Clever.


By achieving GBAC STAR accreditation, Beto Carrero World realized the following benefits:  

  • Increase in Tourists: As Beto Carrero World continued to implement GBAC STAR protocols in their amusement park, it attracted more tourists to visit as they felt the employees there were taking every precaution to decrease exposure to COVID-19. This not only helped the park through the worst of the pandemic butt continues to thrive as our world slowly returns to a new sense of “normalcy.” Guests from all over the world expressed their comfort while visiting Beto Carrero World due to the serious safety protocols put in place.
  • A New Sense of Safety: Beto Carrero World can utilize its GBAC STAR accreditation to continuously be updated on the latest safety and health protocols. “We feel more confident than ever that we can provide a safe and fun experience to guests because of the technology and information that GBAC STAR provides us,” said Kátia and Clever. Guests can feel reassured knowing that the workers there are able to evaluate current COVID-19 rates and how to minimize exposure in the park.
  • A Successful Future Ahead: Due to the precautions Beto Carrero World has taken, they are able to ensure that they can appropriately take on future health and safety-related issues thanks to GBAC STAR. “We plan to have GBAC STAR stamps on our website, flyers and all forms of communication to the public moving forward so they know we take their safety very seriously,” said Kátia and Clever.

“We have big plans for Beto Carrero World and hope to bring more tourists in,” said Kátia and Clever. “We are continuing to come up with new ideas along with the GBAC STAR team to make sure guests have the best experience when they visit our park.”