ave Maurer is the founder of Creative Products International, Inc. (CPI) which has become a world leader in microfiber innovation over the past twenty years. He holds over ten patents in various countries in manufacturing and applications of 4D CleanTM Systems relating to intelligent i-fiber®.

CPI’s intelligent fiber removes 99.9% bacteria, by itself with no chemicals. This helps grab dust, soil and bacteria and remove it from surfaces before it spreads through air flow of HVAC systems and touch of people. Air is the fourth dimension of what makes for a heathier living space in the 4D CleanTM system.

Components attached to the ceiling, furnishing above the floor, the floor and air make up the complete four dimensions assuring facilities have a healthy and clean space. Dave Maurer has been at the forefront of cleaning processes going back thirty years while working at ServiceMaster headquarters leading equipment and process development.

He has taken the process knowledge while working with end users along the way to develop simple and effective healthy and environmentally friendly cleaning process to go along with innovative cleaning system of products. These all come together in the hands-on cleaning and certification programs taught at the CPI Innovation Center, a GBAC Star Facility.