John Lowe

John Lowe is an associate professor of environmental, agricultural, and occupational health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health. Lowe’s research areas include infectious disease microbiology, disaster preparedness, and environmental exposure assessment with a focus on remediation of biological weapon contamination, highly infectious patient transport, nosocomial environmental contamination, environmental sampling, and gaseous decontamination. This includes source evaluation, source tracking, and decontamination methods to reduce exposure. Lowe utilizes various techniques including molecular biology, environmental microbiology, bioinformatics, and training assessment. He previously has done work and has ongoing projects in a wide range of environmental health topics from decontamination, highly infectious patient care, community-acquired pneumonia, as well as public health and healthcare disaster preparedness. His accomplishments and activities have established his skillset, which includes advanced viral and bacterial molecular laboratory methods, field research methods, scientific writing, public speaking, strategic planning, group facilitation, and project management.