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Two Georgia Facilities Are First to Achieve GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation


The Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC), a Division of ISSA, today announced that the Georgia World Congress Center and Dinner in a Dash are the first organizations to achieve GBAC STAR™ facility accreditation. The GBAC STAR program helps commercial and public facilities of all sizes establish and carry out a systematic approach to cleaning, disinfection, and infection prevention.

“Congratulations are in order for the Georgia World Congress Center and Dinner in a Dash, which have both put time and energy into reviewing their cleaning procedures alongside GBAC STAR’s criteria,” said GBAC Executive Director Patricia Olinger. “We look forward to the many accreditations that will follow as other organizations seek third-party validation from GBAC.”

Boasting more than 4 million square feet of total space, Georgia World Congress Center features 1.5 million square feet of flexible exhibit space, and is one of only a few venues to offer more than 1 million square feet of contiguous exhibition space. As the world’s largest LEED certified convention center, GWCC welcomes more than 1 million visitors annually. GWCC was among the first convention centers in the country to commit to achieving GBAC STAR certification to make future gatherings safer.

“We are honored to be pacing the industry by achieving GBAC STAR accreditation,” said Frank Poe, executive director of Georgia World Congress Center Authority. “Although events will look different moving forward, our commitment to our customers, show attendees, and team members that the highest cleaning and disinfection protocols are being implemented at GWCC hasn’t changed. We would expect nothing less of ourselves and for our facility.”  

In 2012, Julie and Mike Cook sought a way to make dinnertime easier and more enjoyable for their community. They founded Dinner in a Dash in Monroe, Georgia, which allows customers to pick up delicious homecooked meals for busy weeknights and weekends. With six employees and just about 1,500 square feet of space, Dinner in a Dash was built as a to-go concept and doesn’t have dine-in customers. However, the family-owned company saw the GBAC STAR program as an opportunity to provide additional reassurance in uncertain times.

“Our employees and customers are the heart of our business,” said Julie Cook, co-founder, Dinner in a Dash. “Achieving GBAC STAR accreditation further showcases our dedication to cleanliness and the people who have helped our business become what it is today.”    

Facilities and organizations in 30 countries are adopting the GBAC STAR program to ensure they follow best practices in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. These include professional sports venues, hotels, restaurants, convention centers, airports, churches, and more.

“With the threat of coronavirus still high in many areas, people want assurance that facilities are taking extra precautions to enhance cleanliness and safety,” said ISSA Executive Director John Barrett. “Whether an organization has space for millions or just a few employees, GBAC STAR will continue to be an important indicator of a facility’s thoroughness around cleaning, disinfection, and infection prevention.”

To learn more about GBAC STAR accreditation criteria and access an application, visit www.gbac.org.

To view additional committed facilities and supporters, visit https://gbac.issa.com/gbac-star-facilities-and-supporters/.

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Company Promotion of GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation Program

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Resale of Course and Promotion of Program by Company

  • Resale of GBAC Fundamentals Online Course. Company agrees to promote the sale of the GBAC Fundamentals Online Course (“Course”) to its customers and prospects (“Clients”) at prices that are the same as those offered by ISSA. ISSA current prices for the Course are set forth in Section 1(a) below. These prices are subject to change based on ISSA’s sole discretion.
ISSA Course Prices
ISSA Member price $150.00/course
ISSA Member Quantity discount pricing
1-50 Courses $150.00/course
51-100 Courses 125.00/course
101-250 Courses 100.00/Course
250 + Courses Custom Pricing
ISSA Non-Member price $300.00/course
  • Company’s Commission. For every sale of the Course by Company under this Agreement, ISSA shall pay to Company 5% of the gross revenue received by ISSA from such sale as Company’s commission (“Course Commission”).
  • Tracking of Company Sales of the Course. ISSA shall provide to Company a unique coupon code for purposes of tracking and attributing the sales of the Course to Clients of Company. In executing sales of the Course, Company shall direct its Clients to ISSA’s Website where the Clients will enter the unique coupon code along with their order and payment, and obtain access to the Course.
  • Company Promotion of GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation Program. Company, at its expense, shall promote the GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation Program (“Program”) to its Clients using commercially reasonable efforts. In exchange for such referrals, ISSA shall pay to Company a commission based on the registration fees ISSA receives from each Client registered in the Program. Clients shall be responsible for payment of all registration fees in the Program based on ISSA’s current fee schedule at the time of registration. The current annual registration fees for the Program are set forth below in Section 2(a). These fees are subject to change at ISSA’s sole discretion.
  • Annual Registration Fees for the Program. Annual registration fees for the Program are set forth below:
  Rate Minimum Maximum
Restaurants US$5 per occupancy/seat $500 -
Hotels $3 per room $500 $15,000
Arenas/Stadiums $0.30 per occupancy/seat $500 $15,000
All Other Facilities
Under 25,000 sq ft - (Under 2,322 sqm) $500    
25,000-199,999 sq ft - (2,322-18,580 sqm) $1,000    
200,000-499,999 sq ft - (18,581-46,450 sqm) $2,500    
500,000-799,999 sq ft - (46,451-74,322 sqm) $4,000    
800,000-999,999 sq ft - (74,323-92,902 sqm) $6,000    
1MM to 1,999,999 sq ft - (92,903-185,805 sqm) $10,000    
2MM+ sq ft - (185,806+ sqm) $15,000    

*Multi-site portfolios will be priced individually.  Please inquire.

**An enterprise fee will apply to multi-site portfolios with 20 or more facilities. Please inquire for details.

***Each GBAC STAR facility accreditation will include the appropriate number of individual online certifications in the quoted price

****Additional online GBAC Fundamentals certificates above allowance at $150 each

  • Company’s Commission. If a Client registers in the Program within one year of the referral by Company, ISSA will pay to Company a 5% commission based on gross revenue received by ISSA in the form of registration fees (“Program Commission).
  • Limits on the 5% Commission.
  • Multiple Referrals of the Same Client. In those situations where third parties other than Company also refer the same client to GBAC as does Company, the total amount of commission paid by ISSA shall not exceed 5%. For purposes of illustration only: Assume Company refers Client X to GBAC; and another Third Party also refers Client X to GBAC. GBAC is engaged by Client X within one year of the referral. In this example, ISSA will pay no more than a total of 5% commission to be split by Company and the Third Party. Payment to Company will be reduced by the amount paid to the Third Party so that the total commission paid by ISSA will be 5% of the total gross revenue to be collected over the course of that engagement.
  • Pre-existing Client Relationships. In those situations where ISSA and/or GBAC has a preexisting relationship with a Client referred to GBAC by Company, ISSA will pay to Company a commission based on the mutual agreement of the Parties and which will be less than 5%.
  • Tracking of Client Referrals. ISSA shall provide to Company a unique coupon code for purposes of tracking and attributing the referrals of Clients made by Company. In executing the referral, Company shall direct its Clients to ISSA’s Website where the Clients will enter the unique coupon code along with their order and payment for purposes of obtaining access to the Program.
  • GBAC Fundamentals Online Course. ISSA will provide access to the GBAC Fundamentals Online Course (“Course”) to Clients for an appropriate number of personnel at the Client facilities registered in the Program based on the following schedule:
Restaurants 1 per 100 seats
Hotels 1 per 100 rooms
Arenas 1 per $1000 of fee
All Other 1 per $1000 of fee
  • Promotion Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts in promoting the Course and Program to its Clients. ISSA shall provide Company with promotional material and other assistance as appropriate in helping Company promote sales of the Course and Program.
  • Timing of Commission Payment Company. ISSA shall pay to Company the Course Commission and Program Commission referenced in Sections 1 and 2 above (“Total Commission”) on a quarterly basis. Payment of the Total Commission will be made once per quarter by ISSA to Company covering all Course and Program sales activity occurring in the quarter and payable no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the last day of the quarter.
  • Expenses Each Party will be responsible for its own expenses related to the services it performs under this Appendix A.